Train your brain to stop worrying

Worrying too much is an unhealthy habit that can harm your mental health. As with any other habit, this one is also possible to break. Some claim that worrying is a reminder of bad experiences that prepares you for future experiences. However, if it happens too often you make it hard for your brain to concentrate on the things that matter by forcing it to thing about the uncertain and unpredictable future.

Depression is a mental condition that focuses your brain on the past events that you can’t change. Worrying on the other hand, is thinking about the future which you can’t control. These are three efficient methods that can help you train your brain to stop worrying.

Write it down

This technique is particularly efficient. If something is bothering you so much that you can’t fall asleep, then write it down. This way you won’t have to worry about forgetting something because you have already written it down and your brain will experience a mental relief.

By writing your thoughts and worries you will “reprogram” your brain on thinking about a solution rather than trying to remember what you are supposed to do.

Scientists have discovered that those who are worried all the time also experience chronic avoidance. The participants in one study were people who worried too much and they were asked to write their thoughts and the things they are worried about. Then, their outcomes were analyzed with practical solutions.

The researchers in this study have discovered that there was an inverse relationship between the degree of worry and concreteness. If the participants were more worried about a certain issue they were less able to create a concrete content of elaboration. The results of this study have shown that worrying is actually a response of cognitive avoidance rather than a way of promoting better problem analyses.


This technique is excellent for helping your brain to stop worrying because it relaxes it. The effects of meditation for reducing cognitive anxiety have been examined in various studies. Even if you are too busy to meditate, you can at least start by closing your eyes for 30 seconds. Try this method to relieve your brain whenever you feel too stressed.

Also, try to avoid being too concerned about things that you can’t change or predict and spend at least a few moments every day doing something that relaxes you. While you meditate, the things that make you worry too much may also come to your mind however with practice you can completely avoid this.


Worrying is a natural instinct that the brain uses to prepare the body in case of danger. Your brain releases adrenaline while you worrying as well as when you are in a life-threatening situation.

According to various studies, by exercising you can reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety. If your body stops feeling the physical symptoms of stress and it is not in a state of increased arousal, your mind will learn that it should stop worrying.

While you are worried your breathing and heart rate increase, which can be reduced with exercising. If you are well aware of what is the cause of your worrying, then go for a short walk. Try to pay attention to your surroundings instead of what is going on in your mind. Be more aware of the breath you take and the way your body moves.

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