3 Signs You Could Secretly Be A Shaman

With all of the technology and hustle of our modern lives today, there are many who argue that we’ve lost touch with our spirituality.

This may be true to some degree, but there also seems to be a cultural shift beginning to happen, one that encourages people to turn inward and seek out their true calling.

We may have strayed from introspection and self-discovery since the advent of the internet and all of our distracting gadgets and devices, but there are many now who are choosing to minimize the effect of these things on our minds and hearts and focus on finding ourselves and living authentic lives.

There was a time long ago, when certain people with specific qualities were recognized and chosen to be Shaman for their tribes and communities.

We don’t often see this tradition anymore, but these special people are still out there. Those who were truly born into and meant to be spiritual conduits and guides for their “tribe”.


If you recognize these 3 signs in your own life, you could be one of them !

1. You are deeply empathetic, sensitive and intuitive

You often seem to have an almost supernatural sense of how people are feeling and when something is wrong. You can detect the slightest upset and you are inexplicably good at figuring out what the root of the problem is.

People trust you naturally and they often seem to be drawn toward you in times of duress. They know that you will always have a comforting word or healing embrace ready for them, and it makes you happy to be that person for others.

2. You have experienced a lot of hard life in your years, but you’ve come through it stronger and wiser

Shaman are often described as having been struck by lightning or survived an act of God. They are known to be the most resilient people in the community.

This is because it takes a lot of hardship and struggle to gain the wisdom, patience and strength required of a spiritual healer. You’ve been through a lot, but you have always had an ability to adapt no matter what the situation.

You take negative struggles and you find the best lessons that can be learned from them. You don’t dwell on the things you can’t change, and this leads to a very healthy mindset and a talent for guiding others through similar difficulties.

3. You have a profound connection with the Earth

This is something that’s especially rare in modern times, now that we have so much to separate us from nature in our every day lives. Most people can barely handle camping out for a few days, let alone anything more than that.

You however, have a complex and loving relationship to nature. You have a personal need to commune with the plants and trees, listen to the creatures around you and feel the energy rising from the core of the planet all the way into the soles of your feet.

Shaman have long been considered to have rare skills in channeling communication between the Earth and human beings. When the Earth cries out, so do you.

You feel environmental destruction on a personal level and it causes you pain as if it were your own child. You’ve probably wondered for a long time why it seemed like you were so much more attuned to natural disasters and the like, and this is why.

If you can relate with all of these qualities individually, it seems as though you have an extraordinary predisposition for this calling.

While there may not be a lot of demand for traditional Shaman in the modern Western world, you can still practice fulfillment and spiritual healing in your life and with the people you love.


Source : http://dailyvibes.org/a/3-signs-secretly-shaman/3/

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