7 strategies to make better decisions faster

When you’re overwhelmed, making yourself work harder is usually counterproductive.

Your creativity dries up and you feel stymied and blocked. So what do you do when you need to think fast and make a great decision?

It’s time to use your intuition! Following are seven ways to find tap into this fabulous inner resource.

1. Ask your intuition questions

Framing the questions to evoke more than a “yes” or “no” answer will elicit a more informative response. For example, “How can we get more people to buy our product this month?”

Or, “What could we do to create more brand recognition of product X?” Spend your remaining time writing any and all answers that pop into your mind. Don’t censor or judge the responses until you’ve completed the exercise.

2. Ask for an image

You know the old say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If you’re trying to make a decision about something and your logical, rational mind has run amok, close your eyes and ask for a symbolic picture of the solution.

Intuitive answers often come through a visual representation.

3. Meditate

 Simply calm your mind by focusing on your breathing. Repeat a word or phrase that makes you feel relaxed such as “I am calm,” “stillness within,” or simply, “peace.”Buddhists call this mindfulness. When we slow down for even a few moments we cultivate our creativity, intuition and inner peace.

4. Get moving

 Simply standing up and moving will bring more oxygen to your brain and help you think more clearly. Put your work on hold and go for a brisk walk.

Chances are good that simply getting away from your desk and taking your focus off your problem will generate a creative idea or two.

5. Daydream

 Think about the challenge, decision or problem you’re facing. In your mind’s eye visualize yourself in a situation where you’re dealing with this issue and are experiencing a successful outcome.

Perhaps someone comes up to you and provides the solution in a conversation. Or you might see a book, banner, note or some other communication that gives you a clue to the response you’re seeking. While it may seem offbeat or pointless, you’d be surprised how many wonderful and creative solutions come forth this way.

6. Notice how it feels

 You’ve got a big decision in front of you. You don’t have a lot of time for research and very few facts and figures to go on. How do you decide? Try this — Close your eyes and imagine saying “yes.”

How does that decision feel ? How do you feel emotionally ? A heavy, weighty, depressing feeling generally indicates “Don’t go with this.” An up, energizing, enthusiastic, positive emotions point to an affirmative intuitive response.

7. What’s your body say ?

The ancient Chinese believed that wisdom resides in the stomach. Perhaps this is an early example of “trust your gut?” If your stomach becomes nervous at the thought of a particular direction, pay attention.

Other physical sensations may provide clues as well. Perhaps you break into a sweat when faced with a choice you know isn’t right. Others might feel a tingly zing up their spine. On the other hand, a warm, cozy feeling might indicate you’re heading in the right direction. Only you know your body and can read its signs. When you’re comfortable translating its messages you’ll have tapped into your inner genius.

Intuition is a skill we all possess. As with any skill, the more you practice and use it, the better you get at it. So, go forth and trust your gut!

Lynn A. Robinson is the author of Put Your Intuition to Work: How to Supercharge Your Intuition to Think Fast and Make Great Decisions. Through her work as an intuitive business advisor she’s helped thousands of people discover and achieve their goals, and create business success. She’s the author of many books on intuition including a free e-book entitled

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